Financial Advisory Services

World Map While my board service and consulting practices are distinct there are significant synergies between the two as key learning, experiences, relationships and resources of each practice add to the potential values for clients in the other practice area.

I believe that board service is a serious commitment and an opportunity to make a difference. It is also a significant responsibility to represent shareholder interests. In today's market environment with fast changing regulatory issues including legislative changes such as Dodd-Frank with SEC and other regulatory bodies' interpretation and implementation, merging stock exchanges and evolving stock exchange governance rules, new case history and decisions from the Delaware courts and shareholder activists, directors need to spend considerably more time keeping current on these matters as well as being exceptionally engaged in the service of the companies they serve.

Staying current is what is expected. But outstanding contribution comes from a combination of experience, engagement and preparation in addition to being current.

My experiences have been gathered serving on both private and public company boards including extensive committee work as well as through a long career in industry. I have chaired the Audit Committees of three public companies and has served as non-executive Chairman of the board. To supplement my years of board experience, I am committed to continuous learning and am passionate about board service.  I  was recently chosen by Agenda (a division of the Financial Times) and a panel of corporate governance experts as a top candidate for board service  ("The Agenda International 100") and recently earned the designation as an NACD Board Leadership Fellow.